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Stop wasting your time
shooting in the dark

Will CLM Fit My Business?


In short…YES! But there are a few requirements to implement a Closed Loop Marketing system.
You see, while we believe CLM can exponentially raise your business’ value in your prospects' eye AND generate higher revenue while reducing costs, there is just no “one size fits all” solution — to anything.


If you’re just starting out or have a small business, you won’t likely have a lot of data to work off on or the revenue for a decent sized marketing and sales team. Not only that but if you don’t have enough data to generate reports of a real, meaningful ROI, CLM probably isn’t the right fit for you.

What you need to do is concentrate on basic marketing and getting customers in the first place.

That DOESN’T mean Closed Loop Marketing would never work for you, but probably just not right now.

However, medium-size businesses owners would gain a lot from the insights and relationship building that Closed Loop Marketing offers…if you’re willing to make some changes.

It is far more challenging to implement CLM and it’s not just about handing tablets to your sales force and sending them on their way. Implementation involves at least seven key stakeholders:

  1. Sales
  2. Sales Operations
  3. Marketing
  4. Market Research and Analysis
  5. Training
  6. Legal and Regulatory
  7. And Information Technology

While most businesses will struggle to improve on their marketing by throwing money against the wall and seeing what sticks, you’ll be on top of your game knowing exactly what your prospects needs are and how to hook their attention again and again and again.

No Server Farms Needed

You can set up and get started with minimal equipment and training — here’s what you’ll need...

Minimum Requirements:

Field Force Account and a Mobile Device (iOS or Android)

You do not need your own server, we provide the entire backend in the clouds

That’s it!

So stop wasting your time shooting in the dark and get inside the minds of your prospects!


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Will CLM Fit My Business?

In short…YES! But there are a few requirements to implement a Closed Loop Marketing system.

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