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Close The Loop
Keep The Communication Open

CLM — C For "Closed" But Also For "Collaboration"

There’s no question that you should be closing the loop among your departments (i.e., sales, marketing, designers) as well as among your sales team, prospects, and marketing director.

Close The Loop — Keep The Communication Open

So it would be highly disappointing — to your sales and motivation — if after all your hard work to gain an understanding of your prospect, track performance of your marketing message, and spending those late nights in the office going over all the collected data, if your sales team isn’t on the same page as you are.

Seems like common sense that you should keep them in the loop as well, but “keeping them in the loop” isn’t the same as “Hey, here’s what we’re doing, and here’s how we need you to follow up on these leads”.

It’s a collaborative effort between everyone involved in getting those sales and raising your bottom line, while still providing value and conducting ethical marketing.

A successful company is the one that manages its Closed Loop Marketing effectively and strategically.

Be Open To Closed Loop Marketing

It’s not only important that you keep an open channel between your sales force, designers, and marketing team, but dissolve the barriers between them all.

What I mean is, just because you’re the marketing “guru” doesn’t mean you perform a dark art that is shrouded in mystery and passed along from generation to generation through dance and cryptic prayers.

It means you share information, listen and learn from the other departments, and possibly do some cross training so each group understands the intricacies involved within each department.

It removes the “Ughhh! Why can’t Joe from Design just send me the damn revision?!? It’s easy…just attach the file and hit send!”

When in reality, Joe from Design needs to create 3 versions, get them approved, then send it off for final review before it gets to the inbox of frustrated Bob in sales.

I’m sure we’ve all gone through our selfish perspectives of another person’s duties and responsibilities and just “didn’t understand why it’s so hard to do something, anyone can do it” moments.

Close the loop on your marketing, keep the communication open, and collaborate your efforts for smoother operations, higher sales, and just a friendlier, happier workplace.

Which by the way, on a side note; it’s been proven that a happier workplace raises productivity.


“Researchers have found that the “physiological resourcefulness” that employees gain from positive social interactions provides a foundation for workplace engagement—employees can work for longer hours, with increased focus, and under more difficult conditions.”


Achor, Shawn (2010-09-14). The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work (p. 179). Random House, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

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