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Cyclosee CLM is a mobile SaaS platform that can be easily customized to meet your business needs. It is the most effective sales, marketing and training Closed Loop Marketing environment where there is absolutely NO software to install, implementation is as EASY as 1-2-3, and EVERY data is trackable in real time.

Guaranteed ROI from iOS and Android devices!

Marketing Manager

Have everything under control. Have your team collaborate and be more productive. Have a real-time view of your business trend.

Strategist | IT

Plan your campaign and distribute it to the right reps with ease. Keep track of message revision and revert to a previous version of the presentation with a click, or update it for a correction or to improve the message.


The only limit will be your creativity. Design interactive presentations with our platform that will wow your audiences.

Sales rep

As a sale rep, you'll full enjoy Cyclosee. You will have customers focused on the message thanks to the innovative way to prospect. In addition, through the use of our Agenda and Academia, you will never go to a sale session unprepared and you will always be updated on customer data.

Data Analyst

We will be best friends. We will give you every immaginable insight. As for team time saving, all the actions of the presentation are tracked automatically and without any effort on the part of the rep.

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Sales force and marketing teams collaborate on a presentation for your sales team to present to prospects.


Your design/marketing team develops the customized marketing content for presentation to your prospects.


The presentation gets uploaded to your servers where your sales force can sync their device (iOS/Android tablet) with the presentation.


When your prospect goes through the presentation, every slide, video, and document viewed is tracked for measurable results which are then synced back to the server.

Data Analysis

The marketing manager can then analyze these statistics and measurements to finetune the presentation for higher converting CTAs (call to actions).

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Cyclosee Create


Awesome presentation that you never thought could be done.

There are no limits to the varieties of presentations you can create - where all file types and file sizes are supported.
The only limit is that of the imagination of your designers.
In addition, user experience is empowered via the elegant 4D (4-directional) navigation.


The content to your Sales Force through our cloud in just one click.

Take full control of your sales team. From sales reps to customers, keep an open eye on every single aspect of your business. Review, assign presentations and calculate your ROI based on statistics, on anagraphs, presentations or force fields. Be the big brother of your business.

Cyclosee Share
Cyclosee Increase


Productivity in the collaboration workflow,
ROI in real-time monitoring and Business Intelligence

Using Cyclosee can also contribute to great cost savings as there will no longer be costs associated with printed detail aids, distribution costs, etc.


We make iOS and Android get on well

Our platform supports both iOS and Android Devices. You won't be forced to change your existing hardware or choose a specific brand. Your devices, your decision.
And yes, Cyclosee also supports sales force teams geared with a cross mix of devices.

Cyclosee iOS - Android